Load Banks

Elecon Load Banks play a crucial role in applications of power in industries such as health care, manufacturing, and telecommunications, where the quality and reliability of systems must be optimized. For over a decade, Elecon has been working closely with its clients to design and manufacture load banks that suit their needs.

Elecon also offers load bank testing, which is an essential "health check" that assesses a system by exercising a load under it to determine its overall reliability and ability to perform in an emergency power situation.


Suitcase Load Bank


Elecon Suitcase Load Banks are light and portable, making them optimal for tight locations such as roof mounting or in the back of pickup trucks. Nevertheless, they are rugged and reliable, and combining units provides a simple means of increasing wattage capacity.

Portable Load Bank


Elecon Portable Load Banks are designed for ease of use and transport. Integrated casters and a compact footprint make them the perfect tool for factory or field testing of generator sets. They are also constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum, ensuring years of reliable service.

Trailer Load Bank


Elecon Trailer Load Banks are designed for mobile testing at multiple sites. Units can be mounted on a single or double-axle DOT approved trailer or shipped loose for custom installation.

Stationary Load Bank


Elecon Stationary Load Banks are designed for permanent installation and on-site testing. A NEMA 3R enclosure, screened intake and exhaust hoods, and remote control panel make installation and operation simple.