Elecon Systems Ltd.  


Elecon Systems LTD designs and manufactures, Light Towers, Prime and Standby Generator sets, Custom built genset packages and Load Banks for stationary and portable applications.


Our Light Towers are designed specifically for extreme oilfield operating conditions: full spill containment, hydraulically operated vertical light mast(s).


Generator sets are equipped with extreme cold weather withstanding controls, so they can easily work through the harsh Canadian winters.


The produced reliable Load Banks are proudly operating in a wide range of power generation, distribution and backup power generation testing environments such as manufacturing, transportation, public utilities, schools, hospitals.

Elecon 100KW Enclosed Quiet Pack [EDGQ-100]


Our products are widely used in various applications. We custom-design and engineer for our customers' exact requirements.



6212 Davies Road

T6E 4M9, Edmonton, AB

Fax: 780-426-4296

Phone: 780-472-8858


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